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RA-MA Bayrakdar Licorice roots industry and trading Co . Workmanship dating back to 1925 , where he founded , Mr. Mustafa Bayrakdar licorice industry in Damascus , Syria , The son of Mr. Mustafa –  Mr. Ramsey in 1945 to develop industry licorice and its derivatives , And after him Mr. Mohammad Bayrakdar son of Ramsey in 1985 was the development and expansion of the company and transfer its work and establish a factory developed to Turkey in the city of Gaziantep Industrial Zone the first , under the brand of Ramco as the factory is equipped with the latest machines Food sophisticated and high-tech and European standarts for health , Despite the economic disasters that have occured within the past years in Turkey has managed remain Ramco brand of steadfast to this day . And we transferred Ramco factory in 2003 to the industrial zone in Kilis South western of Turkey . And the survival of the company’s center in the city of Gaziantep it was a positive step for the company , In the present day is the only manufacturer and the largest for the production of all types of licorice and its derivatives , And we produce a licorice tea and herbal tea with licorice , licorice powder , licorice extract liquid or solid , and licorice stick , licorice milled , Rama Bayrakdar company with foreign capital shall serve you and meet your requirements within its jurisdiction since 1987 to today in Turkey